Law of Attraction in 30 Days

The Law of Attraction – What is it? The Law of Attraction is the idea that thoughts and emotions can attract physical experiences. Popularised by “The Secret” author, Rhonda Byrne, the law of attraction is a concept that has been around for centuries. It’s a principle that states that your higher vibrations will attract higher-frequency … Read more

Using Meditation with the Law of Attraction

Using Meditation with the Law of Attraction There are many “secret techniques” to manifesting, the methods people believe are the most important. One of them is meditation, which really allows you to clear your mind of your thoughts and worries, and get to the deeper subconscious mind. Here is when you are able to visualize … Read more

How to Raise Your Vibrations

It has been said, “Everything in life is vibration”. To live a happier, more joyous life, it requires you to raise your vibrations and positive energy. If you live on a low vibration, where you complain, rant, judge, and criticize all the time, then you are attracting more of that energy back into your life. … Read more