Law of Attraction for Beginners

law of attraction for beginners

Quick Guide to the Law of Attraction

Sparkling celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Lady Gaga seemingly all make use it.

Rhonda Byrne with ‘The Secret’  and Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks with the teachings of Abraham have had phenominal sucess writing about it.

Does it work? Well, It seems to have worked for them at least!

This quick 5 minute primer on the Law of Attraction will cover the basics of how it works – the rest of the site will fill in any gaps if you want to delve further

What is the Law of Attraction?

Basically the law of attractions allows us to  manifest riches, health, love or any other desires into our daily life by using the power of our minds. Crazy right? 

It is hard to believe this is how outer reality and the world actually works. Yet there are many people thoughout history who claim they have got incredible results following this law and using manifestation techniques.

Want to give it a shot?

Three Little Words to Grow Rich and Live your Dream Life

The Law of Attraction, often presented as a scientific fact and a universal truth, has one basic tenant which can be stated as:

Like Attracts Like


Great – that was easy.

Now that you know the secret of the universe, you can use it to improve your life. Let’s go get that yatch and swimming pool or even both at the same time! 

It’s really that easy?

Yes and no. The more you think about something the more you attract it and things connected with it in the physical reality. But you must control what you think.

The positive mind – happiness attracts happiness.

Ever gone to work in a foul mood, dripping negative energy like a rain soaked coat on a wet november day and finding the day just gets worse and worse? This is the law of attraction at work. Negative thinking leads to more negative thinking. 

However, go to work happy, smiling  and radiating positive energy and suddenly your grumpy co-worker doesn’t seem so grumpy – your boss promotes you to your dream job and that rather attractive person on reception smiles in such a way that you float with joy for the rest of the day. This is the law of attraction at work. Positive thinking leads to positive results.

Now we can extend this idea to actual attracting physical things or real life situations you want in your life.

The problem is that we all know how difficult it can be to stay positive all the time.  We can see that we cluster similar thoughts that this can effect our daily lives.  But how can we steer these thoughts to our desires.  Fortunatley, the  Law of Attraction goes hand in hand with another law we can throw into the magicians hat –  the Law of Vibration.

The Law of Energy Vibration – bring on the science!

Everything is energy.  Everything is moving. Everything vibrates

The basics of this law is that everything vibrates and if you can get to the same vibrational rate as that which you desire it will inexhorably be drawn to you. Usually at this point of the explanations we turn to science to explain this phenomena. And who better to endorse this view than one of the greatest thinkers all time  – Albert Einstein

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”

– often attributed to Albert Einstein

However, although you will see this quoted on many time in the context of the law of attraction it seems it was not Albert Einstein  who said this but Darryl Anka – a New Age channeler probably around 1996.

But never mind. The wacky world of quantum fields science seems to agree anyway.

“Quantum fields are really a mind-bending way of thinking. Everything – and I mean everything – is just a consequence of many infinitely-large fields vibrating. The entire universe is made of fields playing a vast, subatomic symphony. Physicsts are trying to understand the melody.”Tam Hunt – Scientific American

This means that if we can get into the same ‘vibrational’ energy of our desire we can attract it.

How to Raise your Vibrations to get what you want

We can get into the right vibration to manifest the thing we desire by following these steps:

  • Visualize what it is we want
  • Really feel what it is like to already have the thing we want
  • Become excited about what we want

Focus on what you want and try to see it in your mind. Oftentimes, just the act of closing your eyes and imagining yourself achieving your goal can help you get into the right mood.

Use the Law of Attraction in 3 Steps

Finally, we can bring all this together in 3 simple steps

1. Know what you want

This is actually one of the more difficult steps. You need to define what exactly it is you are asking for and why

2. Visualize your Desire

Image what you want in your minds eye as strongly as you can

3. Get on the same vibrational level as that which you desire

You have to raise your level of vibration to be full of ‘good’ vibes